Bangladesh Field RNAseq April-2016

Sequence reads were obtained from RNA extracted from wheat leaf blades from fields infected with wheat blast fungus in Bangladesh. For each field sample, we generated sequences for a pair of non-symptomatic and symptomatic leaf blades. To download, please click on the links on the last columns.

Sample NameConditionLibrary IDDistricts UpazillaArea Wheat Variety Sequene Reads
F2Non-symptomaticLIB21745MeherpurSadarBaradi(BADC)BARI Gom-25Part1_R1, Part1_R2, Part2_R1, Part2_R2
F5Non-symptomaticLIB21746MeherpurSadarAlampurBARI Gom-26Part1_R1, Part1_R2, Part2_R1, Part2_R2
F7Non-symptomaticLIB21747JhinaidahaShailokupaNittananda purShotapdiPart1_R1, Part1_R2, Part2_R1, Part2_R2
F12Non-symptomaticLIB21748JhinaidahaShailokupaNittananda purkanchanPart1_R1, Part1_R2, Part2_R1, Part2_R2
2SymptomaticLIB21749MeherpurSadarBaradi(BADC)BARI Gom-25Part1_R1, Part1_R2, Part2_R1, Part2_R2
5SymptomaticLIB21750MeherpurSadarAlampurBARI Gom-26Part1_R1, Part1_R2, Part2_R1, Part2_R2
7SymptomaticLIB21751JhinaidahaShailokupaNittananda purShotapdiPart1_R1, Part1_R2, Part2_R1, Part2_R2
12SymptomaticLIB21752JhinaidahaShailokupaNittananda purkanchanPart1_R1, Part1_R2, Part2_R1, Part2_R2

The reads were obtained using RNA-seq technology. Library preparation and sequencing runs were performed onĀ Illumina HiSeq-2500 machines. They are paired-end reads with ~300 bp insert size.

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